We offer private classes or courses.  We are very flexible and will do everything we can to help you fit Arabic lessons into your schedule.

We create clear and well planned lessons modelled on the language courses the world over. We target the specific needs of each and every student, whether focusing on professional vocabulary or every day language.  See some photos of classes.

We are an International Centre – so whatever your nationality, you should feel at home here!


We make our Arabic books in-house.  Our Senior Teachers and Department Head regularly change and tweak the books to reflect our students’ experience and comments.

Our Aameyya (colloquial) books cover all the situations you are likely to find yourself in here in Cairo.  From early conversations in shops and taxis to higher level conversations.

See example below from Level 1:




We supplement our own books with various locally found material, including the Kallimni Arabi series.

For Classical Arabic we also use in-house books plus a variety of well known Arabic books, available internationally like: Al Kitab, Al Asassee, Media Arabic


Generally we follow 48 hour courses of 4 or 6 hours per week.  Total 8 or 12 weeks.  Two or three hour lessons are our normal class time.  Days and times vary considerably.  Depending on our class requirements this can be done much more quickly – perhaps 8 weeks with 6 hours per week, or 5 weeks with 10 hours per week.

Our courses are a combination of the following areas.  Each student has different needs, and each comes to us with a varying degree of Arabic knowledge.  Accordingly the course you take can be any or all of the below modules.

Private lessons are also available – but please be aware that we give classes priority.  Also please note that we do not teach lessons of less than 2 hours.

Colloquial Arabic of Cairo

(In Arabic this is called Aameya)

This is the most widely understood dialect in the Arab world thanks to Egyptian TV dominating the airwaves and Satellite Channels.  Taking these lessons would enable you to quickly communicate in Egyptian society.  You would also be easily understood in all other Arabic speaking countries – unfortunately you might not understand the reply!

We believe that you should start with this – language is about communication after all!  Read this to see why….

Modern Standard Arabic

(In Arabic this is called Fus-ha)

This is the language of education – the news and newspapers are in MSA.  Schools and Universities use it during study.  This course will help you develop quickly in Reading, Writing and Listening Skills.  Unfortunately you won’t be able to use it much in the street!

For a more detailed explanation of the MSA versus Colloquial problem see here.


Learning to speak Arabic involves many new sounds – to learn then well it is important to recognise the different letters.  You will learn to recognise and then read and write Arabic Calligraphy.  Starting with basic letter formation and moving on to reading and writing sentences and paragraphs.

Cultural Studies

As part of our course we have a section devoted to understanding Egyptian and Arab culture.  Especially in Intermediate and Advanced courses.  Naturally this course takes place in Arabic!