Party4If you are interested in teaching with us we would love to hear from you.


We would choose experienced, qualified native English speakers – but sometimes we will take two out of three!

As you consider teaching with us please bear in mind that: We are not a profit making organisation – we cannot offer large salaries. We are a Christian centre, and if you see working with us as ‘service’ – with some pocket money, you might have a clearer picture!

Teachers coming from the west who have a Christian heritage should be aware that in Egypt a much higher standard of morality and ethical lifestyle is expected.  Even the style of of your clothing.  For this reason we do expect staff to adhere to Egyptian Christian values – not those of the west!

Use this form to express an interest in teaching – not the general ‘Contact us’ button above.  Please only use this form if your English is fluent. Thanks!


If you are interested in teaching Arabic with us and are in Egypt you should Contact Us to see if we have vacancies.

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